Kia Ora,

Welcome to The CARE Village

Kia Ora,

Welcome to The CARE Village

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Our village on the shores of Lake Rotorua is a world-leading concept that is just like any other small New Zealand town.

In our village, the elderly, including those with dementia, don’t just exist, they thrive on a lifestyle as normal as possible. The unique design of the village, and the way its residents are cared for, is centred around evidence that suggests familiarity, comfort and stimulation has the greatest impact on overall health.

Home as you know it

Residents in the village go about their day with all the usual household routines and in-home hobbies. Each home has its own rhythm and distinct design reflecting different ways of life. There are gardens, pets and plenty of visitors.

Days are full and meaningful

Those that like to get out and about find plenty to do. They visit neighbours, join clubs, take walks and stop in at the Village Store & Tearooms. Some venture into Ngongotaha village and Rotorua city to run errands, go out for lunch and enjoy new experiences.

You can feel the love

Everyone is cared for and treats each other respectfully. Highly-skilled carers and registered nurses together provide 24-hour professional support. They work alongside residents to create and conserve familiar routines, lifestyles and maintain independence.

Dementia friendly

All residents of The CARE Village stay in the household they feel most aligned to and have total freedom within the boundaries of the 1.4 ha village. Our world leading technology enables those that are safe to leave the village come and go as they are able. Residents who require secure care are kept safe within the perimeter.

World-leading care

A normal way of life is denied to many New Zealanders who can no longer live at home. The CARE Village is the first in the world, outside of Holland’s De Hogeweyk, to design a new way of delivering aged-care that challenges the existing rest home, hospital and secure care model. The Ministry of Health has made compliance possible with a three year pilot programme.  

Arrange a tour

After you or your loved one has been assessed as needing care, please email this assessment to us.

We will be in touch after our clinical team have reviewed this, to offer a tour of The CARE Village,

when we have a vacancy.

During this visit we will give you an information pack including enrolment forms.