Days are full and meaningful

Loneliness, helplessness and boredom are three things our professional staff work hard to prevent. The unique CARE Village environment ensures that like any other small New Zealand town, there is always lots of things going on within individual households as well as the 1.4 ha of grounds. Every day is different and there’s plenty of spontaneity to keep things interesting.

Pets and children are always welcome

We have three cats of our own that the residents adore and several staff bring their lovable pet dogs to work with them every day. Volunteers, locals and visiting friends and family add to the dynamic mix when they pop in with their pooches.
The design of the modern village means residents enjoy receiving more visitors, who stay for longer, than in a traditional aged-care facility. Local pre-schoolers and school children visit every week enjoying the wide-open spaces and lots of adoring attention from the village residents.

Staying active

Like any other small New Zealand town, residents of The CARE Village are out and about within the village and those who are safe to do so, come and go from the village itself. The footpaths, lakefront esplanade and the Village Store and Tearooms provide plenty of safe and interesting places to go. Inside activities are hosted by different houses or in the tea rooms. Much of keeping active is what they choose to do in their own time. They also enjoy:
  • Rides on the rickshaw bike
  • Attending (and participating in!) musical performances
  • Trips to town and local attractions
  • Visiting one another’s homes for Happy Hour including live music

Clubs for different interests

Residents have many hobbies and interests they continue to enjoy with the support of our staff and volunteers. What’s on offer changes depending on the residents’ interests and skills of our volunteers. Some of the clubs residents are currently enjoying:
  • Scrabble Group
  • Card Club
  • Knitting Club
  • Men’s Shed
  • Poet’s Club
  • Ukelele Group
  • Be Active Be Fit Club
  • Waiata Club
If a resident has an interest in something, our Hospitality staff will go the extra mile to keep them connected with the things that bring them joy.

Arrange a tour

After you or your loved one has been assessed as needing care, please email this assessment to us.

We will be in touch after our clinical team have reviewed this, to offer a tour of The CARE Village,

when we have a vacancy.

During this visit we will give you an information pack including enrolment forms.