Home as you know it

The CARE Village is the only place in New Zealand where residents in need of care take comfort from living in a regular household tailored to the lifestyle they are most familiar with. Sharing a home with people from a similar background means residents enjoy the company of like-minded people and transition easily into the unique rhythm of the life they lived before moving into care.

Household choices

There are 10 six and 3 seven bedroom households each designed, themed and run based on one of the following lifestyles:

  • Classical Living
  • Cultural Living
  • Simple Living
  • Middle NZ
Before moving in, the resident and their family work with staff to decide which lifestyle the resident feels most comfortable with. For those with dementia it may not be the lifestyle they are currently living, but the one from a time they remember best in their formative years.

Their slice of paradise

Every household has its own patio, well-tended gardens and a mailbox to receive their treasured correspondence. Like a regular village, a network of footpaths makes it easy for residents to stay active and meet their neighbours.
The lakefront esplanade is a popular destination to take in the views and stay connected with nature.

Active community

Part of staying happy and healthy is continuing to do the things you are able to like preparing meals, completing chores and laundry. Residents enjoy picking up essential items from the Village Store and having a cup of tea at the Village Tearooms.
Our professional staff are trained to support residents to complete as many of these tasks as they can themselves. This gives meaning to the residents’ day and maintains their skills and independence.
Fees are charged monthly in advance.  Residents may be eligible for a residential care subsidy.  Premium Rooms with lake views are charged an additional $24-$35 per day, and those without lake views are charged an additional $17 per day.

Arrange a tour

After you or your loved one has been assessed as needing care, please email this assessment to us.

We will be in touch after our clinical team have reviewed this, to offer a tour of The CARE Village,

when we have a vacancy.

During this visit we will give you an information pack including enrolment forms.