24-hour professional support

We choose our registered nurses and carers on the basis that they really do CARE. Their ability to create a respectful, friendly and home-like environment is hugely important to us. They are provided with the additional training required to best provide healthcare and support for the everyday needs of residents living in this unique environment. Professional support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specialist healthcare services

Registered nurses and carers are supported by General Practitioners (GPs), Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals as required.


The CARE Village is fortunate to have many volunteers who share their time and skills with the residents. The comings and goings of volunteers throughout the day provides normality and creates a dynamic village vibe. Volunteers contribute in different ways including:
  • Sharing things they have in common e.g. love of animals
  • Supporting residents in their hobbies e.g. knitting, biking, board games
  • Simply sitting with residents to provide comfort, support and company
  • Entertainment

Pastoral care

Chaplain Joe visits every week and by arrangement.

Village Managers

Thérèse Jeffs

Chief Executive

Thérèse trained and worked as a Registered Nurse before gaining a Graduate Dip Business Studies and PG Dip Management. She has worked in health for over 45 years and spent over 30 years in senior management. Thérèse, inspired by the De Hogeweyk model, successfully lead and introduced the first New Zealand interpretation of a village model based on lifestyles. It is the first to be opened outside of the Netherlands.
Cherry Leda

Clinical Leader


This ground-breaking aged-care concept is governed by the not-for-profit Rotorua Continuing Care Trust.
Our trustees include:
James McDougall

Litigation Partner,
Holland Beckett Law

Janet Wepa

Chair Person

Kim Mowbray

Chief Financial Officer,
Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust

Alex Wilson

Deloitte Private

Greg Vandergoot

Service Manager Surgical
and Planned Care Services,
Lakes District Health Board

Paul Spurdle

Development Manager

Arrange a tour

After you or your loved one has been assessed as needing care, please email this assessment to us.

We will be in touch after our clinical team have reviewed this, to offer a tour of The CARE Village,

when we have a vacancy.

During this visit we will give you an information pack including enrolment forms.